Snow Tube / Sled


Sledding and tubing are a wonderful, fun family activity!  There are many hills free for tubers in Pagosa Springs.

Need a tube or sled?  Pagosa Mountain Sports offers snow tubes for sale and rental and sleds for sale.

Reservoir Hill

In downtown just off of Highway 160, east of the San Juan River.  Parking off corner of San Juan and Park Streets.  Parking lots are plowed by the city after snowstorms have moved on.  With full snow pack, this is a big hill with places for long fast runs as well as shorter runs for those looking for fun but more mellow runs.

03/25 - This spot is done for the season.

Turkey Springs Trailhead

5.3 miles north on Piedra Road from the intersection of Piedra Road and 160 highway.  Trailhead on the left as the road turns to gravel from paved.  There is a small but fun snow tubing hill on the southwest side of parking lot.  Parking lot is plowed by the Forest Service after snowstorms have moved on.

03/25 - Thinning snow but just enough snow to sled if you can't make it up to Wolf Creek Pass.

Wolf Creek Pass / Lobo Overlook

23 miles northeast on Highway 160 to the pass.  Parking is on the north side of the highway.  Parking lot is plowed by CDOT after snowstorms have moved on.  There is a wide variety of snow tubing terrain good for those who are daring as well as for those with small children.

This location receives snow earliest and retains it longer than in town sites.

03/25 - Plenty of snow at this location!

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