Bodyboards are super fun!

We are no longer renting Bodyboards

The current river level is too low to bodyboard right now.

For more information on river levels, check the What to Know section below.

The San Juan River flowing right through downtown has some really great waves for bodyboarding. If you and the family haven’t tried this sport, you are missing out!

Bodyboarding can be as easy as skimming along the top of a wave while lying on your stomach to as challenging as trying to land some tricks while standing. It’s the perfect activity for those comfortable on the river!

Pick up a rental bodyboard at Pagosa Mountain Sports’ downtown location and head over to the River Walk to access one of the many of the fantastic standing waves on the town run of the San Juan River!  Our staff will happily point out the best features to try!

  • Bodyboard
  • PFD/Life jacket (Required)
  • Helmet (Required if planning to do more than lay on the bodyboard)
  • Adult sized fins are available for rent

. Closed-toed water shoes
. Water tight bag for keys, phone, wallet, etc.
. Floating sunglasses retainers

Bodyboarding on the San Juan River

Pagosa Mountain Sports encourages you to be safe while on the river.
It is important everyone in your group understands and practices river safety!

San Juan River Bodyboarding Access:

  • Open this Google Map created by Pagosa Mountain Sports for directions to all the San Juan River bodyboarding put-ins and take-outs

San Juan River – Water Level Safety:

  • Bodyboarding participants should be comfortable on the river and be able to reach the shore unassisted
  • PFD/Lifejackets are required
  • Helmets are always recommended and are required if the participant plans to do anything more than lay flat on the bodyboard.  Rocks and other hazardous objects are right beneath the surface
  • Link to Current San Juan River Level
    • The water level on the San Juan River typically drops to a safe level for most bodyboarding by early July – sometimes sooner, sometimes later
    • Look for the ‘Most Recent Instantaneous Value’.  Measurement in CFS (Cubic Feet per Second)
    • Recreational
      • 50-90 CFS – Very Low – There will only be a few waves along the town run that will be ok for bodyboarding
      • 90-150 CFS – Low – There will be some waves along the town run that will be good for bodyboarding
    • Ideal
      • 150-250 CFS – Great – Many waves along the town run will be wonderful for bodyboarding
    • Strenuous
      • 250-400 CFS – Rowdy – Recommended for more experienced bodyboarders or those comfortable with the river. Helmet required for all participants
    • Dangerous
      • 400+ CFS – Not recommended unless the participant is an experienced bodyboarder and strong swimmer. Helmet required for all participants

Bodyboarding Safety Tips:

  • PFD/Lifejacket – Required
  • Helmet – Always recommended and required if planning to do more than lay flat on the bodyboard. Rocks and other hazardous objects are right beneath the surface
  • Non-swimmers, young children and those who cannot get to shore unassisted should not participate
  • Protect Your Feet
    • Short fins or close-toed shoes are highly recommended while bodyboarding to prevent cuts and bruises from the rocky river bottom. Shoes for walking to and from the river
  • Standing in the River
    • Do not stand up in the river unless it is less than calf high
    • Rocks can shift and feet become trapped
  • Stay Hydrated
    • 1 Liter of water per hour is recommended
  • Use Sunblock

$15 – 3 Hours

$18 – Same Day:  Maximum rental time is shop open until 1/2 hour before shop close

$25 – 24 Hour: Maximum rental time is from reservation start time until the same time the next day

Rental river bodyboards are available only from Pagosa Mountain Sports’ downtown location.

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